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Over the years, I have learned a lot through my professional experiences, but also through my own projects.

fast learner

I can adapt myself to any kind of envrionment and overperform quickly in the tasks assign to me.


I love to make people smile and laugh! I have a positive mindset and try my best to always make the funniest jokes.

about me

Passionate about Digital Marketing I acquired knowledge throughout various experiences and self learning. I mastered all kind of skills to operate and launch digital campaigns.

I am able to start from schatch and develop top notch digital strategies thanks to my professionnal experience but also thanks to my own projets like creating my own company,  an Instagram account with +42.000 followers or almost got millionnaire (korean currency)!

I'm Dia, a French guy traveling across Europe

Let's see my experiences

Jellysmack Sept 2021 - Now

Content Strategist

Manage the publication strategy and take on a managerial role with a portfolio of +50 creators. I launched creators on other platforms and  reached 300 Millions views in total during my first month.


I’ve worked with the best Content Creators: MrBeast, Reaction Time, Chris Ramsay, StarTalk and many more !

My role is to increase revenue for content creators across multiple social media platforms. I select and test the best content to improve performance & optimize the revenues but also provide content suggestions to the creators. 


Carbon Waters Sept 2018 - Sept 2021

Marketing & Communication Manager

Marketing side

I have worked closely with the Business team & R&D team. My role was to provide market data and analysis.

The goal was to guide the R&D studies conducted within the company for product development.

I also had a support role to the Business team by working on the commercial actions and processes to be carried out.


I have created a digital strategy to acquire leads through the company’s website and social media.

I have designed 2 websites and multiple communication supports (brochure, e-book, videos, infographics…) for the company.

Within 6 months, the web traffic and leads doubled compare to the previous year as well as the LinkedIn followers.

Bleu Concierge 2018 - 2020


After a trip to Croatia, I was surprised by the fees taken for check-in/check-out and cleaning by booking platforms such as Airbnb. I also discovered that managing one’s rental property is very time consuming.

That’s how I have created Bleu Concierge, an Airbnb Conciergerie based in Bordeaux.

For 2 years I have managed +30 clients and +50 properties (apartments, houses, lofts, villas).

An experience that allowed me to meet people from all over the world and to make them discover the most beautiful city on earth, BORDEAUX.

Skills I  bring to you


Digital Marketing

I have diverse experiences in the digital field, which allows me to better understand each step of a digital campaign.


Social Media

I can handle different types of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube.


Content Strategy

I know how to develop top notch content strategies from scratch suitable to every platforms.



I can develop organic web traffic or launch ad campaigns to increase the number of views, followers or leads.



I design and create beautiful websites from A to Z according to the client and his needs.


Data Analysis

I love numbers, but more importantly I love using data to understand and improve my performance.

Side stories: don't tell anybody else

How I Became Half Millionaire?

True story ✌🏽

I designed a social media strategy for the best technological university in Korea: KAIST UNIVERSITY.

The goal was to promote the international student program. 

I won 500.000… Won (Korean currency) and became a half millionaire. 

How I reached 48.000 followers?

Sharing my passion 🐙

With my (cute) little brother, we created OTAKUMANFR an Instagram page about our common passion: Anime & Manga.

In 1 year we gathered 42.000 followers, made +10 Millions of views and promoted different brands.

Brand We Partner With
Peek into My design

I love the design process because it helps us be more creative. Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on:

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Here IS a joke,
Why e-dia?

You’re wondering why I called my website like that? (if not, now you are)

Backwards, e-dia is spelled “aide”. In French, aide means “help” and everyone needs Dia 😆